Friday, January 22, 2010

Year of Jewelry 2010, Week 2

Already late and it's only week two -- what a way to begin the year!

This week, I have something to show that's completely different and new for me -- glass fusing! I took a two-day workshop last weekend and have just begun to scratch the surface of the mysteries of molten glass. What fun!

On the first day, we played with captivating dichroic glass. Now this stuff really appeals to the lover of all things sparkly in me! Isn't it lovely?!

I love the sparkle, (of course) but also the way it shifts color in the kiln, giving you a surprise after firing. I also love the richness of the colors.

Most of these will become pendants or earrings for sale and gift giving. I'm sure a few of them will find their way into my jewelry box, too!

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