Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How socially networked are you?

Recently I added a few new techniques to my jewelry-making repertoire. Happy with the pendants I'd created, I listed them in my Etsy shop. With many thousands of pieces of jewelry available on Etsy, those pendants might have languished there unviewed and unpurchased for months on end. But I did something else after listing them. I posted photos and links on Facebook. And within days, all four of them sold!

In the Artful Success program I'm taking, Tonya taught us that Facebook now has over 750 million active users who spend over 700 billion minutes (that's billion with a B!) on Facebook every month! Wow, that's a huge audience! And the people who have "liked" my business page have essentially asked me to keep them informed about my jewelry, so it makes sense that I got sales. They're a targeted audience.

So if you have a business to promote, make sure you learn how to use social networking as part of your marketing plan. You'll be glad you did.

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